How does a Fire Alarm System Work?

A fire alarm system is one of the most critical safety features of any building.

ESCO Security had the opportunity to partner with Community Fellowship Church in Lancaster, Pa, to replace and upgrade their existing fire alarm system.

Community Fellowship Church was in the process of building an addition to its existing building, so this was the right time to upgrade.

This was also an excellent opportunity to demonstrate what we consider while designing a fire alarm system and how it works with your commercial building.

Please continue to the video below to join us as we demonstrate the features of this unique fire alarm system.

Objective: Design a fire alarm system that will notify hundreds of people in attendance on any given Sunday or during an event outside their regular gathering times.

ESCO Security considered a few things when designing this system:

Our team decided that a Kidde VM Fire Alarm System with Voice Evacuation was the right solution for Community Fellowship.

In the video below, ESCO Security Technician, Matt Deets, will demonstrate the functions of this fire alarm system and the solutions that we implemented that make this system unique to this church.

We are confident that providing a notification with clear instructions will help the occupants evacuate the building quickly and safely. A voice evacuation system also allows the fire department to communicate to the occupants throughout the building from the fire alarm panel.

If you have any questions about installing a commercial fire alarm system, ESCO Security would be happy to help you navigate the requirements and options available to you.

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