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Fire and Burglary Protection

A combined fire alarm and security system offers a comprehensive, efficient, and cost-effective solution to protect people and property from a variety of threats.

  • Enhanced Safety and Protection: A system that integrates fire detection with security measures ensures quick response to both fire and security breaches
  • Cost-Effective: Installing and maintaining one integrated system is often more cost-effective than managing two separate systems. It reduces installation costs, maintenance fees, and can even lower insurance premiums
  • Reduced False Alarms: Integrated systems can cross-verify alerts, reducing the likelihood of false alarms. For example, the security system can help determine if a detected movement is due to an intruder or a non-threatening cause
  • Centralized Monitoring: Both fire and security systems can be monitored from a central location, providing a comprehensive overview of the safety status of the property

Camera Surveillance

  • Monitor your business in real-time from your phone or computer
  • Replace with Monitor your business in real-time from your phone or computer
  • Visible cameras can deter potential criminals from committing illegal acts
  • Cameras can be selected depending on your specific needs and location
  • Advanced technology with artificial intelligence (AI) tracking, Thermal and Facial Recognition cameras

Card Access

  • Monitor/control exterior or interior entrances
  • Grant access via ID cards, pin numbers, or fingerprint scans
  • Custom designed to suit your needs and facility

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